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Valued Supporters

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ReAthlete is full of products that help get me and keep me game ready. Whether it's the massage gun or their Air compression massagers, I know ReAthlete is the place to go. Thank you to Reathlete for supporting me in my basketball career.

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Thank you to my sponsor, boosted, for their dedicated and committed support. Boosted is an e-commerce site and they made some apparel under my name. I love the gear and I hope you guys can enjoy it too, check it out with this link!

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I have to say that Habits 365's apparel is designed to match the vibes; building positive habits 365 days of the year. I appreciate their sponsorship as well as their drive. I appreciate Habits 365 sponsoring me as well as other greats like Floyd Mayweather, James Harden, and Jamie Foxx.

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Let's give it up for Zeus! Zeus Beard keeps my beard fresh with their beard oil, shampoo, and conditioner. They also have products for mustaches, combs, tattoo balm, and more. Check out Zeus Beard, the product that helps keep my beard game-time ready.

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Hydration is key!! And with Liquid IV you can make sure you stay hydrated when doing any kind of activity. I know I use it to keep me hydrated during my games and in the gym. This sponsor has been a foundation of support in helping me along my journey of becoming a Professional Basketball Player.

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This is a brand I started years ago during my college years at New Jersey City University. It represents how I choose to be different from the rest and aim to rise to the occasion. I'm a different bread, a different kind of baller, I'm just different. You can be different too by checking out the link above!

God The Father Logo.PNG


God The Father offers high-quality streetwear and in the spirit of goodwill, 10 percent of all their proceeds go to World Vision (An evangelical Christian Humanitarian aid, development, and advocacy organization). They help with getting clean water, helping children, and helping people during disasters/emergencies. You can support them by checking out the fire appeal from God The Father!



This sponsor has been a foundation of support in helping me along my journey of becoming a professional Basketball Player. I’m a huge fan of Happygun, and am overjoyed that they’re also a fan of mine. Use discount code EUGENE20 for 20% off!



Thank you to my sponsor, Lifestyle Bands, for their support. I’m so fortunate to be involved with such an important and generous sponsor. Check out their website to learn more. Use Promo Code: ECIII to get 10% off your next purchase!



Let's Gooooo Aftermath Sports! What a thrill it is for me to be able to partner with an amazing sponsor for sports gear. I definitely recommend the Aftermath Hooper Pack if you want to hoop in style. Use Promo Code: EC3 to get 10% off your next purchase!

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